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Kerala's no - 1 institutional PSC - Application, which help institution as well as students in their competitive exam quest.


We have track record of introducing 60 percent of predicted psc questions to students before psc exams, in which it is been asked. Our students always been in top rank of each competitive exams.

Questions includes from topics, current affairs, general knowledge, science, English, Mathematics , Malayalam, Psychology, Kerala previous year degree level questions, previous year S. S. L. C  level questions, previous year plus two level questions, Scrt and prelims questions from each standard and more.  We strictly follow the Kerala PSC syllabus. You can practise from any of the above category at any time at your convince. 



Features for institution
  • Can get an application on your institute name and under your control at low rate.
  • Can conduct their classes and share associated notes and study materials in any format through Myinstituter with 100 % assured data security.
  • Can get exam wise and subject wise detailed report of each students in any desired time span and guide student to his dreams in an silk path.
  • Can conduct topic-wise, district wise, syllabus wise, class wise, year wise, and exam wise model exams at ease.
  • Can create institute profile to attract trial students.
  • With our help you can make your students the first to get current affair and news and events updation.
  • Can prevent students using an 3 rd party application and hence build an strong 24*7 string online bond with them.
  • All kerala mock exams including 400000 students from 175 institutions from all over kerala, before each psc exams, which lets students to review their performence before actual exam.



Features for students
App with high quality exams for passionate learners.

Kerala's Smartest PSC exam practice Platform is your companion through your exam preparation journey. On this app, you can attend exams exactly like PSC's OMR exams, Revise your mistakes, you can attend institute's classes notes, you can get daily updation of current affairs news and events and much more. Make your preparation count with us.



  • Daily Mock Tests: Take full-length Mock Tests as much as you want, to be assured that your preparation is on the right track.
  • Revise your mistakes: Revise your performance in Mock Tests with a detailed report of correct and incorrect questions, percentile score and check your progress.
  • Practice Section: Test your preparation topic-wise, district wise, syllabus wise, class wise, year wise, and exam wise by self on OMR exam practise or from institution on daily exam section.
  • Never miss a notification: Get notified for newly added question papers, PSC notifications, and stay on track with your schedule, both from institution and from psc board .


Our Vision

Our vision is to democratise the way of Kerala learns. We have a habit of setting up new bench marks in Psc.


Must join us before attending PSC exams. Be wise a chance wont knock at your door twice


Let's Crack It together as it isnt an big deal!

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